Department of Midwifery and Women's Health, Division of Health Sciences & Nursing, Graduate Schoolof Medicine, The University of Tokyo


About us

The Department of Midwifery and Women's Health was founded in 2002. Our misson is to promote and safeguard women's health across the life span, which includes reproductive and post menopeusal priods. In addition, we view the fetus and newborns as inseparable being of the mother. Our department places a high degree of effort in midwifery research.



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Associate Professor

  • Megumi Haruna, Ph.D., R.N.M., P.H.N., R.N.

Assistant Professor

  • Emi Sasagawa, Ph.D., R.N.M., M.P.H., R.N.
  • Kaori Yonezawa, Ph.D., R.N.M., P.H.N., R.N.
  • Yuriko Usui, Ph.D., R.N.M., P.H.N., R.N.

Visiting Researcher

  • Masayo Matsuzaki, Ph.D., R.N.M., P.H.N., R.N.
  • Mie Shiraishi, Ph.D., R.N.M., P.H.N., R.N.
  • Kumi Hotta, Ph.D., R.N.M., P.H.N., R.N.
  • Sayaka Ashida, Ph.D, R.N.M., P.H.N., R.N.
  • Mariko Minatani, Ph.D, R.N.M., P.H.N., R.N.
  • Naoko Hikita, Ph.D., R.N.M., R.N.

Office administrator

  • Yumi Watanabe